Write a Book Fast

Write a Book Fast: The Busy Writer’s Starter Pack

This collection brings together four of the most popular books in the Busy Writer Series:

  • The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Plot
  • The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Character
  • The Busy Writer’s Book of Checklists
  • The Busy Writer’s KickStart Program

Armed with this ‘Starter Pack’ for writers, you will be able to see your novel taking shape after just a few hours – and if you’re having trouble organizing your life to write, simply follow the eight easy steps in the Kickstart Program to get your novel underway!

WHAT OTHER WRITERS HAVE SAID about these four books:

The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Plot: “I have read many books about all aspects of writing during my writing years. None compare with this book – it’s a winner for sure. It is clear, concise and to the point.”

The Busy Writer’s One-Hour Character: “I followed Marg’s instructions and at the end of one strictly-timed hour, which she has divided into 7 segments, I had a cast of characters for my story. I was stoked!”

The Busy Writer’s Book of Checklists: “Four years ago a friend introduced me to the Plotting Checklist you see in this book. My friend is a professional book reviewer, and she’d stumbled across it on Marg McAlister’s website. We both thought it was marvelous… and instantly, we figured where we were heading wrong. I’ve been hoping for a fuller list of lists ever since. Wow. So here they all are.”

The Busy Writer’s Kickstart Program:It’s obvious that this author has been there. She has captured the essence of the busy writer’s life and offered inspiration, but also practical tips to guide you through those challenging times. This book will help you to clear your physical as well as mental workspace. Once your creativity is pushing through those barriers again, you will find practical advice on developing plots as well as three-dimensional and believable characters. This book is well-organized for easy reference.”

If you’re ready to write your book, Write a Book Fast will get you on track!

Tips on Writing Romance

Write a Book Now: The Busy Writer’s MegaPack

The Busy Writer’s MegaPack — Write a Book Now — was compiled in response to many readers who asked for the entire Busy Writer set in one comprehensive set of books. You’ll find a ton of information here to get you well on the way to publication.

To get a book written, you need to have these things in place:

  • A step-by-step program to get you out of the gate and running: a take-no-prisoners Kickstart Program for writers.
  • A sound knowledge of the genre in which you want to publish.
  • Interesting, vibrant characters that readers will enjoy and want to get to know
  • A well-paced plot that keeps the reader turning pages, eager to find out what happens next
  • A comprehensive set of checklists to ensure that you’ve left nothing out: characters, plot, pacing, dialogue, and more

This boxed set provides you with the tools for every item on the list above, and a really good grounding for most other genres with the addition of The Busy Writer’s Tips on Writing for Children, Writing Romance, and Writing Crime & Mystery. If you think about it, most genres have some of those elements: characters are caught up in a romance or trying to solve some sort of mystery. Writing for children can encompass anything from simple picture books right through to young adult books.

With the Busy Writer’s MegaPack by your side, you’ll be up and running in no time!