I’ll confess it right upfront: there’s nothing I like better than curling up with a nice, new, satisfying romance!

Oh wait, yes there is… I also like WRITING a nice, new, satisfying romance!

Think “light, easy, amusing but with a touch of pathos”, and you’ve got a Caris Lee romance. I prefer to leave the characters’ bedroom antics up to your imagination… I just love that initial flash of magic that comes with finding the love of your life. (Even if the love of your life is someone you didn’t really take to at first… hey, that’s even more fun!)

Apart from writing romances and creating characters, I love to sit and chat with girlfriends (no matter what age) over wine and far too much finger food, relaxing in a deck chair on someone’s patio or deck. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

I hope you enjoy the Caris Lee romances as much as I enjoy writing them. 🙂

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