Caris Lee: The Valentine Connection Series



Avery Anderson hates Valentine’s Day – and she has good reason! So when her friend Cara pleads with her to go speed-dating on V-Day, she says an emphatic NO.

But Cara was never been good at taking no for an answer, and eventually Avery gives in for the sake of peace.

She’s not the only one who has been dragged to this Valentine’s Day dating event by a friend. Landon King is just as grumpy about the whole scene as Avery, and unfortunately they rub each other up the wrong way from the start.

Such a pity, when it all starts so promisingly… the whole ‘eyes across a crowded room’ thing!

Then the blizzard blowing furiously outside the bar sees them well and truly snowed in, and when things go badly wrong for everyone there, Avery and Landon are forced to work together to see that everyone is safe.

And during those long hours, they find out surprising things about each other…




Cara Morris is pretty certain that her ‘picker’ is broken.  She always finds the worst types of guys – the liars, cheaters, and generally ‘bad’ boys.

She’s tired of men not seeing past her looks, and totally at a loss: will she ever find Mr. Right?

Frustrated when she doesn’t meet anyone of interest at a speed-dating event on Valentine’s Day, she leaves the bar halfway through the evening and calls an Uber.   In the blizzard, their car skids into another and she’s taken to the hospital where a registered nurse by the name of Kellan takes her vitals and cares for her through the night.

Kellan is sweet, caring, humorous and even a little goofy – and absolutely NOT the kind of man Cara usually goes out with. Not even the kind of guy she’d take a second look at on her dating apps! But… her life isn’t working, and something has to change.

Cara finds herself wanting to know more about this man who cares for her so capably. Kellan, for his part, finds that he has a hard time concentrating on his work when Cara is admitted. She’s beautiful and charming… and totally out of his league.

But as Kellan cares for her throughout the night, he realizes that Cara is more than a little insecure – and sad.  By the time she checks out the next morning, Kellan finds that he is putting aside his shield of humor and cautiously letting her in.

Maybe nice guys don’t have to finish last?




Asia Peters can’t help wondering what’s wrong with her. She is friendly, outgoing, and most people seem to like her… so why can’t she break through the shell of the taciturn owner of the skate shop next door? 

Brennan Welch is in a quandary. After being deserted by his mother (“a free spirit” according to his much older father) and then being told by an old girlfriend that he ‘doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body’, he has decided to swear off relationships. They just don’t work for him.

But somebody should have sent the memo to Asia, the bubbly owner of the florist shop next door. She teases him, talks to him, and frustrates him… and soon he finds he can think of nothing else but her happy face. And on Valentine’s Day, she finally succeeds in getting him to thaw a little. The woman is a force of nature!

But a few weeks later, his persistent neighbor runs into trouble, and she has no choice but to rely on Brennan for help.

Is this the breakthrough she’s been waiting for? And can she convince Brennan that they have a future? 




Rhea Ross has been secretly in love with her entrepreneurial boss, Daxton Curtis, for almost all of the five years she’s been his marketing manager. Not that it is ever going to go anywhere… Daxton and his fiancee Courtney have been a twosome since they were in diapers, and they were the golden couple at the Prom. Now he’s ready to marry his childhood sweetheart – and Rhea’s heart is breaking in two.

As the wedding approaches, Daxton finds that his doubts about Courtney are growing. He’s always adored his daring, outspoken girlfriend — but as the wedding approaches, he finds himself wishing she was more like… Rhea.

It’s just nerves, he tells himself: although he and Courtney have been planning their lives together for years, it’s natural for any groom to experience doubts.

Isn’t it? 

The countdown continues, and although both Dax and Rhea are thrown together planning the wedding while Courtney is shopping for a wedding gown in Europe, neither is willing to admit that things aren’t perfect.

It seems that Rhea has no choice but to tuck Daxton Curtis away into a corner of her heart as her forever-to-be-secret Valentine… 




Tinley Roberts prepares to spend yet another Valentine’s Day curled up watching Sleepless in Seattle with her cat, Edna… but at the hospital, Dr. Stone has other ideas. He urgently needs staff in the emergency ward, and so Tinley finds herself working, yet again, on her day off.

But fate has decreed this will be a Valentine’s Day like no other. Tinley finds that her first patient is Oakley Graves, the boy she loved in high school… the boy who coldly turned her back on her, telling her he never wanted to see her again.

Tinley never did find out why — but decides to seize her chance to find out! Oakley has been brought in after a blow to the head on a building site: his vision is blurred and he is battling to remember anything much at all, either from his past, or about the accident.

Oakley finds himself immediately attracted to the pretty red-haired nurse, while Tinley discovers that, underneath the hurt, the flames of an old love are still burning strongly. Cautiously, Tinley encourages Oakley to remember… but then someone from the past strides in and Oakley’s memories return with a vengeance. Memories that are so hurtful he almost loses it.

But… is all as it seemed?

Both Oakley and Tinley will have to come to terms with secrets from the past. The question is: can they get through it, or is Tinley’s long-lost Valentine destined to remain lost forever?