Mo Raven: A Haunted Christmas (Christmas series)



Tara Buckley is not happy when her husband tells her that they’ve been invited to a weekend at Ireland Cottage for a pre-Christmas celebration. She doesn’t like Jason’s boss, Patrick Ireland. She doesn’t like his timid, boring wife, Bridget. And she and their kids, Ryan and Holly, have plenty of other things they want to do!

But it’s important to Jason, seeking to buy into Patrick Ireland’s lucrative business model. Jason knows that Patrick needs his intellectual property — and he’s hoping to use this weekend to land himself a well-heeled future.

However, Patrick Ireland has his own plans. He wants Jason’s expertise, yes — but he doesn’t want him. He plans to land his fish this weekend, and his wife Bridget and scrawny little daughter Erin had better toe the line.

When the Buckleys arrive at Ireland Cottage, they discover with shock that there’s a tragedy in Patrick Ireland’s past that they knew nothing about. Tara grits her teeth and plays the game, while her two children go exploring.

What Ryan and Holly discover will make the weekend one of ultimate horror — and reveal the dark past that Patrick Ireland is trying to hide.