Mo Raven: Shadows in the Past (Series 1)



A house with a dark secret.

A grieving daughter determined to carry out her parents’ last wishes.

A grandmother with something to hide…

Chloe Thomas brushes aside her grandmother’s pleas that she stay away from Truscott House, and moves in with her friend Emily to finish the project her parents had begun before their death — the renovation of a property that had been in the family for a century.

Sure, she knows that the locals say it’s haunted. She brushes that aside; kids will be kids, and so-called haunted houses are practically a rite of childhood, aren’t they?

But it isn’t long before Chloe has to eat her words, and admit that something doesn’t seem want them there — but who? Or what? And why?

Growing increasingly afraid, she has to dig deep to find the courage to continue, with a terrified friend begging her to leave and as the truth about her grandmother’s childhood is revealed.

Chloe wavers. Does she have what it takes to see this out, risking another terrible loss for her grandmother? Or is it possible to reverse the ill fortune of decades, and make Truscott House a happy home once more?

She calls in the help of a ghost-hunter, and only then does she understand the strength of the unquiet spirit in her home — and that there are other innocents who have much at stake.



Little Isabella Burnside is fading away, and no matter how many specialists her mother takes her to, they can’t pinpoint the problem. Her twin brother, Jack — once open and gregarious — can now barely communicate.

Nobody knows what is wrong with the Burnside twins. They keep talking about ghosts, but their mother will have none of it. It’s just their imagination, she tells them: just bad dreams

Her father, desperate to help his children, calls in Lincoln Sweeney and his partner Katie Dyer, paranormal investigators, to see if there is any basis to his children’s nightmares. His wife Helena, intent on climbing the social ladder now they’re in their expensive house-with-a-history, is furious: she can see her dreams dissolving before her eyes.

Then disaster strikes. Lincoln disappears, and his twin, Tara, knows immediately that something unspeakable has happened to him. She races through the night to where he was last seen, and she and his partner Katie set about trying to unravel the mystery.

Where is Lincoln? Is he on this plane, or the next? Is it really a vengeful ghost that has enticed him to a fate worse than death — or is he really dead?

Blocked at every turn by Helena Burnside, battling to find out the truth, Tara and Katie doggedly keep following the clues until they know what they are facing.

But is it too late for Lincoln?



Jodie Wyatt is missing.

Nick, her husband and a police detective, is convinced that her disappearance is payback from a criminal he’s put away – but his son Josh knows different. He has always been able to see and hear those on the other side, and he is certain that a malevolent spirit inhabits Wyatt House.

Worse than that…he is sure that the same spirit is responsible for his mother’s disappearance. But how can he convince his father?

Josh finds an ally in his grandfather, Richard, and the two of them seek help from Katie Dyer, a paranormal investigator. Bit by bit, Katie and Josh work to put together the pieces of the puzzle — while Jodie’s husband Nick stubbornly follows police procedure.

Meanwhile, at Wyatt House, the threat increases hour by hour. It’s a race against time to find Jodie, while battling an invisible enemy all the way.



A picturesque but dilapidated cottage. 

Centuries of ownership by a family of doctors with a chequered past

A little girl who is too scared to come to lessons in a converted stable…

What secrets does Knott Cottage hold? 

Carla Sinclair, a divorcee and keen historian, jumps at the chance to sell her soulless modern home and buy Knott cottage.

It will be perfect, she thinks, for someone like her with a fascination for the past — and the converted stable is just right for her music studio.

But Carla is not in the cottage for more than a day when things start to go wrong.

Someone – or something – seems to be averse to her delving into the past. 

Or is it someone trying to get her attention?

Carla changes the locks and confides in her friend Diana, but things just continue to get worse. The day comes when one of her students is too terrified to return to her lessons – and finally Carla admits to herself she has to take action.

But what? How can she stop the interference in her life from a force she can’t see?

Determined not to give in, Carla keeps digging… with an unexpected result!



It started as a joke: a couple of backpackers upload a YouTube video about their stay in a supposedly haunted house…

But then, things turn bad.

Dylan Lee, with a major in film, is documenting his backpacking holiday with his friend Amy in a series of YouTube videos.

Their trip is fairly uneventful, and only a handful of friends are following their adventures… until their car breaks down and they accept an offer of a few weeks’ accommodation in an old gamekeeper’s cottage on the grounds of Moreton Manor.

Dylan suggests that they do a tour of the decrepit old cottage and ham up the suspense for YouTube. They upload it and go to sleep…only to be woken in the night by an unearthly scream.

It’s probably a fox, Amy tells viewers.

But when someone spots a strange column of light picked up by the camera, their friends share the video… and it goes viral.

Warnings to leave pepper the comments from locals, but others gleefully urge them to stay.

As the days go on, and the ghost becomes more vengeful, Amy’s fear grows. She wants to leave, but with millions of eyes on his nightly YouTube updates, Dylan is certain that this will make his career. He’s staying, no matter what.

Amy gives in and stays with him while he doggedly tries to get to the bottom of the haunting of Moreton Manor.

But then their last night arrives, and they realize too late that they might not even live to regret their decision to stay…