Mo Raven: Goodman House (Series 2)



What’s worse than a serial killer?

TWO serial killers, working together… when one of them is a malevolent spirit.

Oliver Goodman is a rich and successful creator of bestselling computer games. When his wife dies, he builds a new house and moves in with his two adopted children. Modern, streamlined, tastefully decorated, Goodman House looks like the perfect place to bring up two teenagers.

But Goodman House is not all it seems. And nor is Oliver Goodman.

Oliver has chosen to build his new house on the burnt-out ruins of a farmhouse for several reasons. He likes the location: it’s isolated enough to give him privacy. He likes its history, too… for it was the ‘killing ground’ of an infamous serial killer, John Jerome Jones.

Oliver appreciates the symmetry of that, given his own “little hobby”… until JJ starts to make his presence known, not only to Oliver but also to Oliver’s adopted daughter, Mallory. John Jerome Jones might have died in the fire, but his warped spirit lingers on. Mallory, terrified, begins to wonder about her own mother’s death.

Is Oliver really just a grieving husband and stepfather, or someone far more sinister?