Tess Brennan (Christmas Series)



The townsfolk in Hope Valley are fed up with the 10-year feud between Dru Moody and Ella Harrison.

Nobody knows what it was all about—least of all their grown children, Gina and Todd.

Finally, Dru and Ella’s friends decide to take action. They stage an intervention — well, kind of an intervention! They enlist Gina and Todd’s help to force a reconciliation. All they have to do is pretend to be in a  relationship, their Moms’ friends tell them. How can their mothers remain sworn enemies when their treasured children are in love?

But Dru and Ella aren’t won over so easily, and the goal of getting the two Moms to reconcile in time to enjoy Christmas dinner together seems to get harder and harder to achieve. In the end, will Todd and Gina become victims too?